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Mei '08

Bo passes the weigh-in, to face Silaban in Kalasin, broadcast live on channel 7 at 3 pm

Bo vs JuharumAt Bang Poe hospital on May 22nd, at 11 am, Kokiet Group made a announcement of a weigh-in and a physical examination for PABA flyweight title defense, a subsidiary of WBA, between 2 times former world champion Ratanapol Kokietgym (Sor Vorapin) and an Indonesian fighter Juharum Silaban. Both Ratanapol and Silaban weighed in for one time at 112 lbs as the limit. The match take place today (23 May) and broadcast live on channel 7 from a temporary boxing stadium in the town hall of Kalasin province at 3 pm.

All reporters were warmly welcomed by the director of Bang Poe hospital Mr. Kate Saipetch. Dr. Than Yingyongyod checked two boxers’ health. The result was satisfied. Thai champion Ratanapol was a little stronger than Indonesian challenger Silaban. Both of them were ready to make a fight all time.

There was no problem about the physical examination of other boxers. Then all boxers and Kokiet Group staffs moved to Kalasin province by Sumitra Tour bus. Mr. Phinyo Ratanasat, the president of the match, was waiting for them.

The bout “Muay of the world against drugs, M-150 dethrone the world throne” at Kalasin province started with the first action - Wisanu Kokietgym met Jack Amiza from Indonesia. Then the second bout- Ratanapol Kokietgym, 2 times former world champion, made a defense for PABA flyweight title against the Indonesian challenger Juharum Silaban. The third bout - Narindet Sakchatree met Udi Arema from Indonesia. The fourth bout was the knock out M-150 gold fists, lead new star to be the world champion bout in division of 118 lbs match, Petch Sor Chongcharoen met Top Sasiprapagym. The winner will receive a hundred thousand baht, second to the champion will receive fifty thousand baht.
For someone who was interested in female fighting, there were 4 actions of female boxing. Taphaokaew Sitbankru met Nhungrutai Mor Tamanai, Taphaothong Sitbankru met Petchnaree Or Somsak, Buarimbung Lookchandaeng met Nongbo Or Niwet, and Lilly Ratprachagym met Yodying Tor Takhabpet.

Siako-Mr. Kokiet Panichayarom, the promoter of the match, said that if Ratanapol showed his mettle in excellent style, he would support Ratanapol to challenge for the world title from the current champion Sakata from Japan. Mr. Alan Kim was prepared to ask for permission from the committee of WBA to hold the match in the end of year.

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