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Okt '07

House tells police to work out drug ring

The National Police were asked Tuesday by the House of Representatives to set up an investigation around the syndicate of drug factories raided Monday.

House member Benny K Harman said he also wanted to know why police officers had remained “unaware” of the large-scale syndicates right on their doorstep.

“But the real question is how these big scale drug factories can find a way to live in this country,” the member of the House’s legal commission told The Jakarta Post.

“What makes the police unaware of their existence for all these years?”

The National Police and the National Anti-Narcotics Agency raided four factories in Batam, Riau Islands and one in Jakarta on Monday.

One of the factories in Batam was located in Hup Seng Center which is close to the Riau Islands Provincial Police headquarters.

Benny said the police should be aware of their immediate surroundings at the very least — or they would be alleged involved with the drug syndicates.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Sisno Adiwinoto said the police would conduct “a transparent investigation” and would not protect officers potentially involved.

“I hope everybody is not throwing bad thoughts toward the police because of the factory situated near one headquarters,” Sisno said.

“We need to investigate this case based on the facts and not prejudice.”

Authorities arrested six people after the raid.

The factories were producing crystal methamphetamine (meth), sometimes called shabu-shabu.

The arrested suspects include four Indonesians and two Taiwanese.

The Indonesians have been identified as Syaed Abu Bakar, Apeng, Jaelani Usman, Darwin Silaban.

The two Taiwanese include Wan Chin I and Tsai Tsai Cheng allegedly hired to mix chemical substances needed to produce the crystal methamphetamine.

The syndicate allegedly divided their operations across five different locations in order to deceive the police.

Each factory made an unfinished form of crystal meth. The final step was completed at a factory in Muara Karang, North Jakarta.

The police confiscated raw materials consisting of 568 liters of liquid meth worth some Rp 454 billion (US$49 million), 4.5 tons of other chemical substances, 19 kilograms of half-finished and 23 kilograms of finished crystal meth.

According to police estimates, a gram of cyrstal meth has a street value of some Rp 1 million.

Sisno said the factories had been producing and selling drugs to China and Taiwan for some six months.

Monday’s drug bust was the third major police bust since 2005, when a drug factory producing ecstasy and crystal methamphetamine, in Cikande, Banten, was raided.

The Cikande drug factory had the capacity to produce in a week one million ecstasy tablets and crystal methamphetamine worth some Rp 100 billion.

The factory was dubbed the third largest factory in the world of its kind.

As many as 13 people from several nationalities were arrested from the 2005 raid and were convicted with sentences ranging from 10 years in prison to death.

In 2006, the police raided a factory in Surabaya, East Java, arresting two people and seizing 27 kilograms of half-made crystal meth worth some Rp 10.8 billion.

The police have not yet established any relationship between these three factories.

SUmber : (10) The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

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