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Jul '07

DRR Section: Troicaire transit Meeting With Cordia

On Sunday, 1st July 2007, Trocaire’s Team on its way back to Jakarta from Banda Aceh, held a short discussion with Cordia concerning the Strategic Plan of Cordia on Disaster Risk Reduction. Maurice McQuillan, the Emergency Manager from Trocaire HQ, accompanied by Kathryn Robertson and Widya Setiabudi, both from Jakarta, wanted to know the progress of Cordia in the DRR program. Cordia’s Director, Fr. Frietz R. Tambunan, explained the overall Strategic Plan of Cordia that gives top priority to DRR and Emergency Response, seconded to livelihood, drug rehabilitation and drug-related problems (HIV/AIDS), and the disabled/handicapped. The Director explained some steps that have been taken to realize the DRR program. In the first place, Cordia has developed a DRR section within the structure followed by the formation of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) which is ready to be activated at any time when disaster takes place. The DRR section is chaired by a manager while the Director Assistant is responsible for the ERT. This ERT will be developed to become the Core Team within the DRR section and will involve volunteers from outside Cordia.

Cordia is also developing a DRR center per excellence. This center is part of Cordia’s effort to realize its strategic plan to become a leading organization in dealing with disaster management. The center will collect documentation on DRR providing latest information and development on DRR, implement trainings, workshops, seminars, and provide equipments which are needed to respond quickly to disaster which may occurs in the future. By developing such a center, Cordia is in the process of creating its own vision on DRR which makes Cordia as the best provider of disaster awareness and emergency response in the provinces of North Sumatra and Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

The partnership of Cordia with Trocaire has been slowly developed and strengthened through the SOA Coordination Unit and Trocaire has supported Cordia by providing emergency funds, and by supporting the implementation of two Training of Trainers in Banda Aceh and Medan respectively held in March and May 2007. During the meeting, Cordia has expressed the idea to follow up the ToT by designing advanced ToT for the best alumni of the last two TOTs. Apart from that, Trocaire has supported Cordia in the implementation of livelihood project in Besitang, Langkat Regency, for the victims of the flood which hit Langkat Regency in December 2006.

At the end of the meeting, Kathryn has pointed out that Trocaire was interested in having a clear picture on Cordia’s plan to develop a DRR center per excellence. The Trocaire’s Team encouraged Cordia to develop a project proposal on the DRR center per excellence and would consider if Trocaire could support in a direct way or through a synergic cooperation with the members of the SOA Coordination Unit.
Present in the meeting were also Kepler Silaban, Cordia’s Director Assistant, Andre Goni, DRR Manager, Miss Maria Selvi, the new member of the DRR Core Team, and Fransedes Simamora, Cordia’s Logistic and Procurement Staff.

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