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Feb '07

New PT Jamsostek board welcomed

Employees of state-owned workers’ social insurance company PT Jamsostek have praised the company’s new board of directors.

“Jamsostek Workers Union has high hopes of the new management, which consists of professionals and fresh insurance practitioners with good records in the insurance business.

“The new management is expected to be able to settle all the internal problems and improve the company’s financial performance and contribute to Jamsostek’s participants,” union chairman Abdul Latif Algaff told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

To end a leadership crisis at Jamsostek, the government held an extraordinary shareholder meeting on Friday, which made the decision to replace the boards of directors and commissioners.

Former chairman of the Indonesian Insurance Council Hotbonar Tua Sinaga was named president director, replacing Iwan Pontjowinoto, who decided to resign. Ansyori was named director of operation and service affairs, Hanni Ramaniah as director of human resources, Myra S.R. as director of finance and investment and Suyono as director of IT, planning and development.

Ansyori was previously chief of Jamsostek’s regional office overseeing North Sumatra, Aceh and West Sumatra provinces, Hanni chief of the human resources affairs bureau and Suyono was the company’s corporate secretary.

The meeting also appointed former president director of state-owned airline company PT Merpati Nusantara Wahyu Hidayat as chief commissioner and Syukur Sarto, deputy chairman of the Confederation of All-Indonesian Workers Union and Rekson Silaban, chairman of the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Labor Union as commissioners representing workers. Deputy chairman of the Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo) Haryadi Sukamdani was named commissioner representing employers.

The extraordinary shareholder meeting was held in response to the no-confidence motion raised by the union to replace Iwan, who was accused of violating the company’s internal rules.

Apindo Secretary General Djimanto said the association appreciated the government’s decision to promote professionals to the board of directors.

“The new management is expected not only to improve the company’s financial condition but also to pay more attention to the workers’ social welfare,” he said.

Apindo, however, was disappointed by the appointment of only one commissioner from the employers, which contributed ten percent of workers’ premiums to the social security programs.

Chairperson of the labor commission at the House of Representatives Ribka Tjiptaning slammed the appointment of an outsider to lead the company, saying Hotbonar’s appointment was based on more political than professional considerations as the commission had been asking the government for some time to appoint the company’s president of directors from the labor unions or employers.

Sumber : (Ridwan Max Sijabat) The Jakarta Post, Jakarta & TMCnet

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