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Feb '07

Schools temporarily moved as cleanup underway

High schooler Faradeby Septiwi Ajeng, 17, was, like any student, rather pleased when told by a friend that her school was temporarily closed for a day or two due to last week’s big floods.

But after staying home from Friday to Tuesday, the 12-grader, who attends public high school SMU 8 in Bukit Duri, South Jakarta, realized something that is likely to bring a smile to the face of any teacher: She was missing her classes and missing school.

“Yeah… at first my friends and I felt pleased about not having to go school. But after a couple of days, I begin to be worried about my school lessons. That actually amazed me,” she said Friday.

Ajeng, as her friends call her, was a little relieved to get back to her lessons on Wednesday, after a teacher announced that the school would temporarily operate from the city’s Center for Training and Education on Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta.

The floods that started last Friday affected 75 percent of the capital and its buffer cities, forcing some schools in Jakarta to close.

Head of the Jakarta Secondary and High Education Agency Margani M. Mustar said that some 54 high schools and vocational schools were affected by the flood.

“Some schools had to move their learning activities due to the flooding, which is what happened with SMU 8 and SMU Tarakanita,” he said.

Girl’s high school SMU Tarakanita on Jl. Pulo Raya in South Jakarta is prone to flooding. All classes for the past week have taken place at junior high school SMP Tarakanita in Barito, South Jakarta.

Former student Gracia Silaban, 24, said the school had been affected by floods the entire time she had been a student there.

“But the teachers never moved the classes. This means the flood this year is enormous,” she said. “In my school years, we would go to school wearing boots and lifting our skirts.”

Margani said that he hoped that school activities would return to normal as soon as possible and that the school’s staff were currently cleaning up the mess left by the flooding.

SMU 8 vice principal Sutrisno said that the school had been submerged up to the nearly second story but was currently being cleaned.

A teacher at SMU Tarakanita also said that the staff were busy working to return the school to its normal state.

Sutrisno said that the students would continue to study at the city’s education center for three weeks at the most.

He added that during the flooding the school’s principal never left the premises, instead staying on the building’s second floor to guard the property.

“There are a lot of valuable things like computers and laboratory equipment in the school, so the principal thought that it would only be right to stay,” he said.

Margani said that the city administration was currently calculating the losses suffered by high schools in Jakarta to estimate the repair costs.

Ajeng said that she wanted to go back studying in her own school building. “It’s nice that we have a place to learn, but studying at our own school and using our own facilities help us to understand the lessons better.”

Sumber : (Prodita Sabarini) The Jakarta Post, Jakarta 

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