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Agt '06

Kameda demolishes Paes!

Sensational 17-year-old brother of newly crowned WBA 108-pound champ Koki Kameda, hard-punching superfly Daiki Kameda (5-0, 4 KOs), 114.75, impressively dropped Indonesian flyweight champ Wido Paes (18-5-3, 7 KOs), 112.5, twice and finished him for the count at 1:45 of the first round in a scheduled eight on Sunday in Yokohama, Japan.

Kameda kept stalking the circling opponent with his favorite peek-a-boo guard without throwing jabs, and caught the Indonesian with a vicious left hook to the temple. Down he went. Paes struggled to regain his feet, resumed fighting, but badly hit the deck again with Daiki’s strong combinations, this time, to be counted out by the ref Fukuchi. As usual, after his KO victory, Daiki displayed his good voice by singing a song in the ring afterwards.

Prior to the fight there happened a ridiculous scandal by Daily Gendai (“modern” in Japanese) that wrongly pointed out that Paes wasn’t the Indonesian national champ. The paper said only three fights of Paes had been registered in BoxRec. com and Paes didn’t win the national belt according to BoxRec. com, although its records of Indonesian, Thai or Filipino boxers sometimes aren’t complete. The matchmaker had to distribute his complete record (authorized by the Indonesian commission) and the Indonesian ratings, to the press people, that proved Paes certainly acquired the national belt by stopping Panca Silaban on July 12, 2005 and Paes should be currently the legitimate champ.

Daiki Kameda, second most popular here following his elder brother Koki, will appear in a card on September 27 in celebration of the WBA convention to be held in Tokyo that week.

Promoter: Kyoei Promotions.

Remarks: Wido Paes is registered under the name of Wido PAEZ in the, but the Indonesian commission’s rating and record spells his second name as Paes, so this reporter adopts the spelling of PAES.

Sumber : (Joe Koizumi) FightNews dan Boxing Insider
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