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Agt '06

Proteksi Early For Flu Bird

Although virus of flu indication bird not yet human being menginveksi and still limited to disseminating at poultry animal, according to research in Sub-Province of Timika recently, but Public Health Service (Dinkes) Provinsi Papua do not want to hold peace. Ad for intensively him On Duty Ranch, Quarantine Animal and relevant institution do prevention and protec done tight custody and spraying of in door-door enter, ad for airport and port, Middle Public Health Service do protec early for patient which have virus infection of flu bird in Papua.

Public Health Service do 2 preventive effort, namely prepared special room or room quarantine for patient which is virus indication of flu bird and renovate to return room of lab to be occupied as room examination of virus of flu bird for human being. For the preparation of room quarantine have been used by special budget either by Public Health Service and hospital side, while for the completion of lab examination of virus of flu bird at human being, Public Health Service have proposed budget for the price of Rp. 200 million to Central Government. While for appliance of him will be prepared separately by Government of that centre. Was told by Head Public Health Service of Provinsi, dr. Tigor Silaban,Wednesday ( 9 / 7), in Office Governor, Dock of II Jayapura.

According to him, strive and taken stages steps is follow-up of instruction of Governor, asking for so that was immediately done by protection early to patient which was indication hit by bird flu. “ This is Governor instruction to we is follow-up immediately do protec early for hit by patient is virus isn’t it,” say him. Told, infection of virus of flu bird at human being, effect of by existence of contact directly among human being with contagious animal. “ The example at chicken, at the time of near by us at elbow chickenrun, last of that dry dirt blown by wind and enter bore nose respiration of us, hence we will contagious of this virus,” he said. Beside that, preventive effort or medication to virus patient of flu bird, can only be done in 48 hour. And if medical medication done to patient which is indication have passed from 48 hour hence, about 70 % of the patient will die.

“Thus, in fact patient which have this contagious is we can help, so long as medication time done by before 48 hour, but if have passed from 48 hour hence estimate for life will very small possibility of him,” say Tigor. Interconnected herewith, Tigor give solution so that all society which often direct contact with poultry animal to always to consume food-stuff concidering kurkuma, like ginger, ginseng, turmeric and others. His side sure pass food-stuff consuming of kurkuma this, hence storey level spreading of virus of flu bird can be killed. “ Thus, with food-stuff consumption concidering kurkuma, like ginger, turmeric and ginseng, that can kill virus of flu bird. Thus for the man who always perform a direct contact with poultry animal that’s better consuming many this foods. So that protected from virus of flu bird,” invite him. In that opportunity, Tigor again urge society to not afraid to consume chicken food and chicken’s egg. Because chicken consumption and chicken’s egg which have been cooked before all can kill germ, virus and bacterium.

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