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Jul '06

‘Horjabius’: Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

Horja Bius 1After being banned for years, Horjabius, a traditional celebration among the Batak community of Lake Toba, North Sumatra, has been revived.

The cultural event was banned by the Dutch colonial government due to fears that it could give rise to a spirit of rebellion, while Christian missionaries of the time said the event was based on a kind of animism and was thus forbidden.

But money does matter. Today, in the name of tourism — the light of which has begun to fade from Lake Toba — and of cultural preservation, Horjabius has been restored among the Batak people.

Horjabius cannot be separated from dances, gondang (a musical instrument native to Batak-North Sumatran cultures) and sacrificial offerings.
Horja Bius 2

In the ceremony, the villagers ask Debata Mulajadinabolon (God) to bless their agricultural activities, and can take several days of celebration.

Wearing traditional dress and ulos (traditional Batak textiles), hundreds of villagers dance tirelessly for days. In the old days, brawls among villagers often occurred during the event.

Offerings can be the villagers’ best horses, buffaloes or cows, which are sacrificed by spearing in a formal ritual.
At once violent, spiritual and joyful, the Horjabius is also a restoration of cultural identity — with a scent of money.

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  1. Tanggapan Maridup Hutauruk:

    But money does matter.— with a scent of money.It is seemed to be a doubtful manner to the culture event. What ever it takes the said Batak individual must have an urge to save the culture. No proof that religion can take actions to gain the income of people in bonapasogit better and better but poverty comes to hit their life. Meaning that prayers to God of the supreme of the religion do not go throught to the God or the God just leave those people behind with misery. In terms of people who live in bonapasogit is just what it said Tano Batak in the past. The educated ones and even the riches ones out of the holy land just say ‘forget it’. Infact that over a hundred years of paying to the said God get no answer, and sure they are all now separately out of unity. This is only a fairy tale, may be.

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