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Jun '06

33 toddlers infected with HIV in Papua, Indonesia

At least 33 children under the age of five in Indonesia’s Papua province have been officially diagnosed with the Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV), the Jakarta Post quoted a government health official as saying on Friday.

Chairman of the provincial health office of Papua, Tigor Silaban, revealed that the 33 infected children, from a number of regencies including the provincial capital of Jayapura, were believed to have acquired the virus from their infected mothers.
He didn’t disclose why the mothers were infected with AIDS.

Tigor said that his office had strongly encouraged all pregnant mothers, specially those with “high-risk life styles,” to get tested for HIV so that those found to be carriers could get anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment.

Thirteen of the 33 children had already been put on a course of ARV medicine, he added, but would not say why the other 20 confirmed cases had not as yet.

It is reported that local people in Papua used to exchange wives for sex at rituals, which is believed to be the source of AIDS spreading. Most of the country’s AIDS patients are found in Papua.

Sumber : Xinhuanet , Jakarta via HIV.Com & Kabar Irian

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