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Mei '06

Businesspeople and Workers Agree on Dialogue

Businesspeople and workers have agreed to hold a bipartite formal dialogue in June.

It is hoped that as a result of this dialogue, solutions can be found to help reduce unemployment and improve Indonesia’s investment climate.

“We hope that President Yudhoyono will open the meeting,” said Rekson Silaban, General Chairman of the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Workers’ Unions (KSBSI), in Jakarta, Saturday (13/5).

It is planned that workers will be represented by KSBSI, the Confederation of All-Indonesian Workers’ Unions (KSPSI), and the United State-Owned Enterprises Workers Unions, as well as two other trade unions.

The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) will be represented by its officials and representatives of businesspeople.

Apindo Chairman, Sofyan Wanandi, has said that his members have agreed to meet representatives of the trade unions.

“This is a concrete form through which to improve the investment climate,” said Sofyan.

The Apindo Chairman went on to say that businesspeople and workers have formed a small team to discuss matters and find solutions to improve the investment climate.

The team’s analysis results will be discussed at the bipartite dialog.

Regarding Law No.13/2003 on Manpower, Sofyan said his members would openly receive all input from analysis carried out by universities requested by the government.

“The academic analysis will provide input for us to improve the investment climate,” he said.

Rekson said workers have agreed to accept the academic analysis proposals.

“But whether we accommodate the proposal or not, is our right,” he said.

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