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Apr '06

Thirty-two Die in Diarhea Outbreak in Jayawijaya District, Papua

Some 32 residents of Jayawijaya district died of diarrhea recently, mainly because they did not receive proper medical treatment, a Papu provincial healrh official said here.

Tigor Silaban, chief of Papua province`s healh office, made the statement in denying reports that a diarrhea outbreak in Jayawijaya district had killed up to 200 peole.

“Only 32 residents were killed in the diarrhea attack,” he said in an interview with Antara here on Saturday.

The death of those residents was inseparable from negligence of local community health centers and supporting public health centers` officials who seldom showed up at their work places.

As a matter of fact, it was easy to handle the disease like diarrhea. “If the health officials on duty are on their working places, the sicks will easily get health services and practically the disease will never take a high death toll,” he said.

On the occasion, Silaban also denied a report from a member of the Papuan Legislative Council saying that the attack of diarrheas in Jayawijaya district had caused the death of about 200 residents.

“The report from the Papuan legislators is not an official one, while the rest is still unclear,” Silaban said.

Sumber : (LKBN ANTARA) Antara News, Jayapura

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