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Des '05

Home Minister Asked to Clarify Increase in ID Card Printing Cost

Home Minister Muhammad Ma`ruf had been asked to clarify policies to the Association of Indonesian Securities Printing Companies (Asperindo) and the Association of Indonesian Securities Distributors (Perdisindo) on the increase in the cost of the printing and distribution of ID cards, and the appointment of four printing companies functioning as distributors of documents of citizenship.

Pantur Silaban, Asperindo Vice Chairman, said here on Sunday he highly respected the regulation of the minister, but there was a need it clarify them to Asperindo which has gained a permit from the government for years to print citizenship documents such as ID cards (KTP), family cards (KK), birth certificates, registration books for birth certificates.

He said he has already written a letter to the minister to ask for the his readiness for a meeting to clarify his policy in a bid to respond to the views of 26 Asperindo members.

He further said that it was much better for the minister to delay the decision to appoint the four distributors and to increase the printing cost of ID card forms.

He would only ask the government to clarify the regulation, thus reminding him of the need to provide an official permit foir a similar opportunity in the country`s population administration system, he said.

As to the cost hike, he further said that accordingly the government should have listened to the views of the printing companies and distributors first on the reasonable costs.

Some printing companies and distributors on a separate occasion said that the old costs had benefited those involved in the printing of citizenship documents.

Touching on the schedule for a meeting with the minister, Pantur said they were still waiting for a reply.

Asperindo as well as Perdisindo, according to Perdisindo Deputy Chairman Andreas Lumantu, had never reported the home minister to the Corruption Eradication Commission on alleged corruption and collusion behind the appointment of the four printing companies which also functioned as distributors, as they were still waiting for the minister`s reply for clarification.

Sumber : (*) Jakarta, ANTARA News (cached)

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