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Jan '05

‘High-cost economy’ curbs better pays

Rekson Silaban, chairman of KSBSI, said employers and labor unions were also of the same opinion that the remuneration mechanism should be left to the market with the government setting the minimum wage level.

“With an improved investment climate and labor conditions, employers are expected to be able to pay their workers higher than the government-set minimum wage as has been practiced in developed countries,” he said, citing that Malaysia and Singapore have since long adopted such a remuneration system.

When asked about industrial relations in Indonesia, Rekson said Indonesia should establish an industrial relations model which was operational and executable.

“We should learn from numerous models in Europe, the United States or Japan, which are all operational and morally binding,” he said, adding that the current concept implemented in Indonesia was not operational because it was too general in the nature.

He said European Union has its OECD Guidelines on operational industrial relations and pacts between workers and employers and any side violating the industrial relations’ norms would certainly receive social sanctions from the employers and workers communities.

Citing as another example, he said that employers and trade unions in Japan have reached an agreement that workers have a certain day in a year to air their aspirations in which their employers have to give a response.

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