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Jan '99

Major Bayu sentenced six years and fired from the Armed Forces

“I was lost in emotion because my man was abducted. I regret and apologize to the people of Aceh, particularly the families for all my errors…” The trembling voice of Major (Inf) Bayu Najib (40) was unable to carry on.

The reporters who met him at the military police headquarters in Banda Aceh were also asked by the Military Police commander of the Regional Military Command I/Bukit Barisan Colonel Suprapto and the head of the Legal section of the Regional Military Command Colonel CHK Tatang to end their questioning to Major Bayu.

The executive officer of the commander of Battalion 113/Jaya Sakti was Saturday (I/30) sentenced to six years in prison and fired from the service of the Armed Forces (ABRI). The council of judges of the High Military Court which held a session at Banda Aceh stated that Major Bayu was proven to have maltreated detainees from operation Prestige 99 at the KNPI building in Lhok Seumawe, last January 9. The decision of the council of judges chaired by Colonel CHK Sri Umi Sularsih was two years more than the demand of the military prosecuting attorney Colonel CHK S Elgin.

The graduate from the Armed Forces Academy in 1985 was brought to the High Military Court last January, 16. Before being assigned at Military Command 011/Lilawangsa Lhokseumawe, he ever was platoon commander of Battalion 147 at Semarang.

Besides him, four lower rank soldiers (tamtama) of Military Command 011/Lilawangsa were tried in the same case by the Military Court I-01 Banda Aceh. /all the four were demanded a sentence of seven years in prison and to be dismissed from the ABRI service. They are chief soldier Amsir, chief soldier M Harahap, first class soldier M Situmorang and chief soldier Effendi.

Based on testimonies of the witnesses at the trial, said maltreatment happened in a span of eight hours since about 11.00 till 19.00. On that day four from the 38 detainees died and tens of others were unconscious and brought to the hospital. Major Bayu Najib who is also chief of staff of the Regional Military Command broke into the KNPI building which was guarded by the provost of Regional Military Command 011/Liliwangsa. He then beat the detainees with an electric cable. His act was followed by a number of other ABRI soldiers. They tortured the detainees with beating, kicking and beating with their M-16 rifle butts.

According to the council of judges the defendant as an officer should not perform that maltreatment, eventhough he was fed up with the abduction and death of seven of his subalterns by a group of people at Lhok Nibong, East Aceh, last December 29, 1998. Besides violating the Armed Forces oath, his act was evaluated as destroying ABRI’s image in the eyes of society at the moment that the ABRI was reforming in all fields.

According to the council of judges, Major Bayu was no good soldier and commander. Therefore, he can’t be maintained as ABRI member. Either the legal advisor captain CHK J Silaban or the military attorney colonel CHK S Elgis stated to think about said Judge’s decision.

Sumber : (*) Harian Kompas, Banda Aceh

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